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Kitchen designs have evolved over the years. The kitchen which was once in the rear of the house, are now out from the background.  There are many designs now and each of them is unique and pleasing to the eye. The challenge for homeowners now is to choose the best one out of the designs.

One kitchen layout today that is very popular to many property owners is the L type kitchen. As the name implies, this type of kitchen design depicts an L shaped structure. A lot of people choose this design for it indeed looks more organized, spacious and satisfying to their tastes. An L-shaped kitchen is composed of two perpendicular work spaces that produce a natural work triangle. There is no obstruction running throughout the work space, which makes it indeed a versatile kitchen layout.

An L type kitchen can involve legs if you want to. It is suggested to lengthen one leg over twelve to fifteen feet.  It is necessary to separate that elongated leg into various work spaces for more efficient use.


Description of L Type Kitchen

Particularly, an L type kitchen can be an attractive and functional space, useful for cleaning and cooking during gatherings, conversing and eating. Its primary trade mark is the work triangle demanded by most homeowners, most especially those home owners who do love to stay and cook at their kitchens.  This “work triangle” pertains to the in-kitchen spacing that produces an effective association between the key elements of the kitchen including the stove, sink and refrigerator.

Other kitchen layouts as well feature this work triangle.  It is advisable that to whatever more unique layout you incorporate in your L type kitchen, you must make every effort to upkeep the work triangle.

The Benefits of an L Type Kitchen

  • A perfect choice for corner space
  • It can be tailored to any length
  • Efficient for tiny and medium kitchen spaces
  • Can simply separate the kitchen space into various working stations
  • Provides good eating space. Tables and chairs can be easily added to this layout
  • No traffic lanes to obstruct work zones

Who are the Best to have this L type Kitchens?

L type kitchen works certainly well for homeowners with small or medium-sized space allocated for their kitchen.  This requires at least 1 wall that typically features cabinets and other stable fixtures such as sink and stove. This can also incorporate a kitchen island that can be very useful during food preparation and for added storage.  Often times, L type kitchen features the standing part of the letter “L” as the open counter areas along with passage through to the living or dining room in order to open up the whole kitchen area and develop an impression of a bigger space.

For those who are have the normal size of home and also have a regular size for their kitchen, you can now ask the help of a designer to make this layout for you. If you are wondering which company to turn to in this aspect, you can visit http://www.olivenpine.com for they are one unprecedented company when it comes to modular kitchens.  Simply trust in their ability for they can truly provide you the best kitchen layout appropriate and convenient for your particular kitchen space.