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U Type Kitchen

The kitchen is a pivotal place in any home since it is one of the primary spaces needed for preparing and storing one of your basic needs, and that is food. Most of the time, people would like to stay at the kitchen, most especially those who love to eat and cook at the same time. Being said, it is a room with the maximum human traffic every day. Therefore, it becomes utmost important to design and lay out the kitchen as to the specific needs of the homeowners.

In the present time, there are available kitchen layouts which you can incorporate into your kitchen space. However, prior to planning any layout to the kitchen, you must primarily think about the layout that will be the best to your particular kitchen size, according to your preference. Do you love to cook and you want a particular style of kitchen space while cooking? On your estimate, how many people can you accommodate inside the kitchen? These questions are only some of the things that you must consider prior to choosing the perfect layout for your kitchen.


Among the different kitchen layouts available for the multiple needs of homeowners, one of the immensely popular is the U type kitchen. As the name connotes, there are things which are organized in a U type kitchen. All kitchen stuffs like the sink, refrigerator and cooking range are placed in a way which forms the letter “U”. This format is the effective replacement and convenient one to use for situations wherein there is less space in the kitchen section.

Introduction to U Type Kitchen 

This type of kitchen layout is one of the most basic kitchen layouts which have longed stayed during the past decades. This is a very versatile and useful layout for small medium or large house kitchen. It is composed of a work space on 3 adjoining walls, 2 equivalent walls perpendicular to the third wall. There is no obstruction or traffic running across the work space.

This U type kitchen can be perceived as a corridor-shaped kitchen but with a closed end. This closed end provides additional room for the sink or the range. This kind of arrangement upholds a good workflow since it is the classic kitchen triangle.

Benefits of U Type Kitchen

  • Efficient for small, medium or large kitchen size
  • Well-appreciated by professional and aspiring culinary experts
  • Provides a maximum storage space
  • A user friendly layout that supports elevated human traffic
  • Mostly preferred by larger families
  • Can allocate various type of spaces for various kitchen works
  • A wide “U” can uphold a kitchen island
  • Offers plenty of counter space

Today, the modification in the U type kitchen has been done. There is now the more curved U and slightly slanting other side of the U.  If you are looking for a company who provides such modified U type kitchen, simply visit http://www.olivenpine.com for they are one trusted company that offer modular kitchen at their best. With their proficiency and experience in various kitchen designs, they can design and provide the fittest kitchen layout in accordance to both your kitchen size and your personal preference.